Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blyxa Darling

This little girly is just awesome:)

Modeling for 2 years

Experience:I have done many runway shows. Worked with RedEye Modeling, In Pose Modeling and Dollz Modeling. Runway included everything from modeling skins to clothes, in front of small groups to full sim (lag is not usually a problem for me ) Also one stint at Live modeling in RP environment.


Heres a new shop created by Aleena Bookmite. She is sure to be a leading SL designer soon. You need to stop by her main location and check it out!!

Very cute Aleena!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Previous Sponsers

Will Wear


Ika's Clothes

FG Underground

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Formal Affair


Rattle Designs

Chemical Kisses


*Dreamy Skin*

StarChild Designs

Everyday Girl

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Chez Gabrielle

Zeta Pieck

In Pose Modeling Academy Dean

Top Model for Will Wear

Modeling Instructor for SMA

MODA Graduate

Red Eye Graduate

Eclectic Addicts Creator/Owner

I also DJ

I love everything fashion but do not beleive one must go broke to acheive a great look.

In Pose was founded on the belief to be a great model you do not have to spend all your hard earned lindens.

We have been involved with many runway showcases on Secondlife and watched as the designers that sponsered us grow into Leading SL designers.